Chief Joseph & Dr. Laralyn RiverWind

By AlertAmerica.News (other events)

Monday, July 15 2019 7:00 PM 9:00 PM EST


The Radicalization of Native American Reservations

If ever there was a community ripe for Islamic radicalization it would be Native Americans living on reservations. These isolated independent nations provide ideal locations to recruit Islamists in secret. 

Why would Native Americans even be open to radicalization? What can be done about this dangerous incursion? Get answers in this fascinating and disturbing presentation.

Exposing a Dangerous Infiltration

The RiverWinds expose radical Islamic and antisemitic agendas designed to infiltrate, erode, overtake and destroy America, Israel, freedom of speech and democracy. They are resilient overcomers who fearlessly speak out against terrorism by educating and inspiring others to see through liberal media bias. Even so, their aim is compassion with discernment. Their hope is for security and peace. They are national speakers with Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT for America. 

Chief Joseph is the Peace Chief of the Northern Arawak Tribal Nation and Dr. RiverWind is the tribe’s Ambassador. Chief Joseph is Arawak (Taino) and Sephardic. Dr. RiverWind is a descendant of the Cherokee and Muskogee. 

Chief RiverWind is a U.S. Army veteran with a Master’s in Biblical Studies working toward a second Masters in Emergency Response. Laralyn has a Doctorate in Naturopathy and is a Master Herbalist. 

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